Before Surgery




I was there for consultation about my asymmetry face, but I decided to have eye shape correction, cheekbone reduction and fat grafting on the forehead.

I was curious about Synergy plastic surgery.


Day 3



I was really worrying about just right after the surgery, but everyone says that my condition is not that bad, there is not too much swelling.

I researched about the symptom after plastic surgery in a few days, that is true! My condition is not that bad, but I want the swelling gone as soon as possible!!


Day 13



Hooray!! The swelling is subsiding well!

Day 21



It has been only 3weeks since I had surgery, but I already wore the make-up.

I met friends coincidently they were surprised by my beautiful and changed appearance.

These days I keep looking mirror and so happy to think that I will hang around with my slim face.

Day 30


For the first time I was there only to correct my asymmetry symptom on the face, but Synergyrecommended more proper things and now I am so proud of myself.

I cannot even imagine what I looked like before, I look so natural now.

Thank you Synergy Plastic Surgery, you change my life!!^^!!