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Short Nose

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Short Nose (snub) Surgery?

Short nose often stands for snubby noses. If you look at the face, the nostril is heavily exposed and short nose surgery fix the exposure as well as the length of the nose, which is pretty difficult. We need to design each and every one of the noses since we also need to consider the angle of the nose-end.

For who?

Short Nose Surgery is ideal If your nose is short and lifted

If your nostril is heavily exposed even when the nose length is normal

If your nose became snubby after a defect of a surgery material

Short Nose Surgery Point

F-2-1 Flat Nose point 1 icon Ideal nose length is one third of the whole face, and the ideal ratio is 1:1:0.8, Top:middle:bottom.

F-2-1 Flat Nose point 2 iconA beautiful nose’s shape should be symmetrical and the height should be 2/3 of the nose’s length, and the shape of the end for women looks good with “half-sock” nose, and men look good with straight line noses.

F-2-1 Flat Nose point 3 iconThe past only focused on lifting the nose, and today we design a personalized nose for each person and find the right solution.

F-3-1 Short Nose Surgery point 4In the case of short noses, only lifting can make the nose look snubbier, so it is best to ergonomically detail the surgery plan.

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Short Nose Surgery Type

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If the nostrils are showing even though the length is average.
We incise the inside of nasal mucous membrane and implant cartilage or mucous membrane and the nose end is lifted by autogenous cartilage.

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If the nostril is showing because the nose is short
We make the suitable nose length and the nose bridge considering the overall facial ratio. We use the cartilage of nasal septum to extend the nose length and plan the ideal length. We add the cartilage around the wings of the nostril as well to block the viewing of nostrils.

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If the first surgery went wrong
This is the hardest surgery. We diagnose the problem that happened in the first surgery accurately and find the ideal surgery plan for the patient, viewing it in both technically and aesthetically.

Surgical Method of Short Nose Surgery

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Cartilage surgery

This surgery is operated when the nose end is not extremely high and the length is not extremely short. If the wing cartilage is lifted up, this make the nose end look lifted as well, and if we cut the upper wing cartilage and correct the lower part the cartilage looks longer to the bottom.


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Cartilage implant surgery

This is the most effective way, and this is used for extending the nose length with the own tissue. If the length extension is not enough, we can additionally insert more cartilage between the septum and the wing cartilage.


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Cartilage plastic surgery + cartilage implant + Rhinoplasty

If you want to lift up the nose end after the cartilage implant and the plastic surgery, we also do Rhinoplasty. At this time, we add implant materials into the nose, and we often use ear cartilage for that.