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Arrow Nose

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Arrow Nose (long nose)?

Arrow nose can make your face look angry and violent. long nose surgery have the nose end cartilages too developed so that the cartilage is tilted towards the front or dropped by the nose wings. Arrow nose surgery can help by lifting up the nose end.

For who?

Long Nose Surgery is ideal if your nose end is sagged and looks like an arrow

If you look older than your are because the nose is too long

If the nasal septum is way too developed

Arrow Nose Surgery Point

F-2-1 Flat Nose point 1 icon An ideal nose must have a solid line between the epicanthal fold and the nose cheek.

F-2-1 Flat Nose point 2 iconIf seen from the front, it is told to be ideal to have a slightly lifted nose, but if the nose length is too long and the end is saggy, you cannot call that an ideal nose style.

F-2-1 Flat Nose point 3 iconThe lifted nose should have an angle between it and the upper lip of 100-110 degrees for women and 90 degrees for men

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Synergy Long Nose Surgery Features

Over 10 years of rich experience

Personalized surgical plans and designs

Surgeries that can stop recurrence of the saggy end

Balanced facial ratio that brings a polished look

Beautiful nose that is memorable to the nose end

Arrow Nose Surgery Features

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01. In long nose surgery, We design the nose's length and the ratio considering the balance with the whole face.


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02. In long nose surgery we incise the inner nose and partly cut the cartilage. The nose endcartilage is tied to the top, reducing the length of the nose while lifting the nose end.

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03. The nose end is supported using the autogenous cartilage as a support fixture. We make sure to set up the autogenous cartilage very firmly to not have the recurrence happen.


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04. If the nose bridge is low, we add the personally suitable materials to lift the nose bridge. After shaping, we stitch them back up.