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Flat Nose

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Flat Nose Surgery?

Low nose surgery is one of the most popular surgeries of a rhinoplastic operation. We implant the shaping materials such as the silicon, gore-tex, silitex, etc. to naturally shape your nose to the bridge line in flat nose surgery. This makes your face look smaller and refined look with flat nose surgery.

For who?

If your face looks dull because your nose is too low

If your center forehead is lower compared to the end of the nose and the forehead line

If your nose-end is dull and low

Before & After Photos of Flat Nose Surgery

Flat Nose Surgery Point

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F-2-1 Flat Nose point 1 icon Nose is located in the center of your face, so it inevitable does an important role when it comes to personal facial expression.

F-2-1 Flat Nose point 2 iconAsian noses characteristics include a very flat look, thus not giving that much of a dimensional look.

F-2-1 Flat Nose point 3 iconNose’s facial ratio between the lines of the forehead to the end of the chin. The angle between the nose and the forehead should be around 115~135 degrees, and the bridge and philtrum’s angle should be around 95~105 degrees for the best looking noses.

Why Synergy Nose Surgery?

Over 10 years of rich experience

Exquisitely fit design for everyone

Consulting with the Rhinoplasty surgeon 

Proper sanitizing system

Fastest recovery time with no side-effects 

Surgical Method flat nose surgery


01. We choose the best material for you and decide the incision method.

02. We make incision inside the nose, letting the space for the material to go in.


03. The material that is designed to fit the individual is put on the top of the nose.

04. The tip and bridge part of the nose is shaped then the incision part is stitched.

Incision Types of Flat Nose Surgery

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Open incision

This method is used for any short and snubby nose. This incision lets the surgeon to look inside the nose a lot easier and the red parts will be gone in 3 months.

F-2-1 Flat Nose incision type image 2

Closed incision

This is a good method for patients since the scar won’t even be visible, but it is very hard to look at the inside of the nose, especially the end of the nose is very hard to look at, so a surgery specialist must operate it.