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Deviated Nose

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Deviated Nose Surgery?

Deviated Nose Surgery does not help balance the face as a whole, since it is bent to one side or the other. Also, deviated noses often bring in sinus disorders as well as stuffed nose. Deviated Nose Surgery requires an anatomical analysis of the patient, and it requires the most precise operation since we are dealing with the function of the nose as well as the looks.

For who?

If your face looks unbalanced because of a deviated nose

If your nose is congenitally bent

If your nose gets stuffed very often and you get sinus disorders

If your inner septum's soft bone is bent

If your nostril size is unbalanced

Deviated Nose Surgery Type

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If your nose is slightly bent

Slightly bent nose is an easy surgery that inserts a personally designed material to correct it.


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If your nose is severely bent

Severely bent nose requires a correction of the bridge. We need to cut the nose bone to match the septum together and also get rid of several nasal disorders at the same time


Synergy Deviated Nose Surgery Features

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01. Detailed surgery plan of Deviated Nose Surgery
We conduct a very dimensional and detailed analysis.

02. Bent septum
The bent septum causes stuffed nose, and we solve the sinusitis problem.

03. Bent nose correction
We take care of the technical and the aesthetic points at the same time.

04. Rhinitis
Synergy bent nose surgery solves the discomfort from stuffed nose

05. Naturally sharp nose
We correct your nose line to a very natural state.

Surgical Method of Deviated Nose Surgery

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  • We correct the nose bone and cut the bent and/or stuck out part.
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  • We remove a part of the septum in order to correct the unstable parts.
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  • We correct the soft bone’s area for a matching pair of nostrils.
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  • We stitch the nose back up after making sure that the material is safely set.