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Alar-base reduction

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What is Alar-Base Reduction Surgery?

Only applying lift up surgery for big nostril rims can make the person look like they have a very low nose tip. In this situation, it is better to apply nostril rims reduction surgery as well in order to make the ideal nose line by Alar base Reduction.

For Who?

Alar base Reduction is ideal If your nose looks big and dull because the nostril rims are wide

If you have the nose tip but it looks spread out

If the nostril rim just doesn’t make any harmony with the rest of the face

Before & After Photos of Alar Base Reduction

Main Points of Alar-Base Reduction

Point .1 : Ideal nostril rims have the nose bridge length’s 70% width, and it must match the gap between the two eyes. It is important to ideally size the nostril rims matching the eyes with Alar base Reduction.

Point .2 : The rounded sides of the nose are resulted by the gap of the sides and the base width, and the most ideal angle when drawn a line across between the nostril rim and the base sides is 2.1 degrees.

Surgery procedure
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Reducing the skin of the nostril rims

Nostril rims reduction surgery is a very universal one. If the rims are very widespread, we incise the boundary lines between the rims and the cheeks and reduce the skin by cutting out some. Synergy uses nasal cavity incision which hides the scar inside the nose.

Reducing the gap of the nostril rims

We do Alar base Reduction surgery when the patient has a very wide gap in the nostrils, without excessive spread rims. We incise the under nostrils and bring in the nose tip by tying a string between it.