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After Care System

Synergy’s Special Care System for Nose Surgery

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Accurate diagnosis and plan-minded personal surgery

The director’s decisions decide the result of the surgery. The start of nose surgery is thinking about both the technological and the aesthetic point of views.

Because the nose is the center of your face, it requires the best possible synergy with the rest of the face. In order to maximize the completeness of the nose, it needs to be fit with your face on any angle at our nose surgery clinic. Nose surgery differs from one’s face shape, the structure of the nose, etc. We Engineer the plans of your surgery ergonomically, in order to create the prettiest and the most beautiful nose. Not only the external size and the shape, we look into the internal parts closely to safely and accurately complete the surgery. We look at the size of the nose bone and the thickness, and the ratio status, consults with the patient where we explain three-dimensionally and tell the incision parts, and we process to the surgery itself at our nose surgery clinic.

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Rich surgical experience and know-hows

We speak our surgical cases with the results.

For many years, with various cases and clinical experiments, we can now provide an appealing nose for everybody. Varying on everyone’s nose, we connect the line from the forehead, nose, to chin, choosing the right, naturally aspirated nose line. We predict how high the nose will get after the surgery and we balance the whole face with it in order to make the most ideal settings in our nose surgery clinic.

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High tech medical system in our nose surgery clinic

Latest-technology security system and safe surgery, definite results

Synergy Plastic Surgery’s nose surgery is cooperated by each and every selected directors, discussing the ideal ratio and the place for the nose, and make the best results out of them. During surgery, We proudly offer the latest technology that can only be found in big university hospitals, where we can check the patient’s heart rate and breathing, blood pressure, temperature, menstruation status etc. real time. Also, we offer the professional diagnosis system that includes the customer service team, the operation team, diagnosis doctor and all the other special solutions that are managed just for the nose surgery alone.

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One on one consulting with the professional anesthesia director at Synergy nose surgery clinic

Uneasiness about the anesthesia, a talk with the director for the better sense of security!

Nose surgery is a very important surgery when it comes to breathing management since the nose is a respiratory organ. Nose surgery can either be operated by local or the sleep anesthesia. Synergy plastic surgery not only lets you consult with the Clinic Director but also the anesthesia director. You can consult about your fears of anesthesia, and false misunderstandings that you might have about anesthesia. We will make sure of your safety.

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Professional psychological consultant meeting

Differentiated Consulting System that covers even the anxiety before and after the surgery

Like if you have to take the x-ray, urine test, and blood test before a surgery, plastic surgery requires a psychological consulting. We check and consult the emotional and the psychological states of the patients. Synergy plastic surgery uses professional and scientific methods to understand the psychological state, and thus setting the physical and the psychological ratio.

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1:1 exclusive management

My personal management system, unique steps bring in the best results.

For your comfortable outpatient treatment, Synergy nose surgery clinic manages treatment rooms and personal one on one suitable to every one of our patients. Systematic surgery before and after treatment is given for faster healing in orders to get you back to the social life. For your convenience and any problems, one on one management will meticulously care about you easing your mind.

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