Nose Surgery

Nose Surgery in Korea or Korean Rhinoplasty surgery is a plastic surgical procedure where the nasal structure can be totally changed by the altering the shape, size and appearance. The alterations can be made by addition or removal of any cartilage or bone. The procedure may also include grafting of tissues from other parts of the body and implantation of materials which are synthetic to bestow nose surgery in Korea with the perfect structures possible.

The nose plastic surgeries are conducted in the following conditions:

  • Abnormal nose size in relation to the facial structure
  • Nasal structural problems, from birth defects of nose
  • Nasal obstructions which have resulted in breathing problems
  • If the nose width is at the nose bridge or position of nostrils are not appropriate
  • If the structure of the nose bridge appears with depression or humps
  • If the nasal tip is too bulbous or enlarged, hooked etc
  • The nose is asymmetric
  • wider or upturned nostrils
  • If the nose is broken due to accidents or any other cause such as cancerous, or any other  medical procedures

Nose Surgery in Korea is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures across the world contributing its popularity amongst teenagers. However, the feasibility of the Nose Surgery in patients must be dealt individually, considering particular patient conditions and purpose of the surgery. Even though it can be carried out in the young population, the plastic surgery can only be done after the nose is completely formed.  Usually, the girls must be of age 14 or 15 and boys must wait a few years more before these surgeries can be conducted. It is always preferable that the individual patient discusses the condition with their plastic surgery specialists to come to an appropriate decision.

At the point when working on Asian noses, it is vital to look for an experienced Plastic Surgeon that comprehends the Asian Nose and its Anatomy. An expert Surgeon will take care to guarantee the final outcome of nose surgery in Korea and abstain from utilising Caucasian Rhinoplasty methods on Asian Noses. The utilisation of improper Rhinoplasty Techniques on Asian Noses could prompt an Over-Sized Bridge, unseemly material for Nasal Bridge, Wrong Tip Shape, superfluous Narrowing of the Nostril, and Implant expulsion where the Implant set up is too huge bringing about incredible Pressure on the overlying skin of the nose. The perfect aftereffect of an effective Nose Surgery in Korea ought to be inconspicuous and proportionate to just improve the individual's Ethnic character as opposed to change it.