Lee SiEun, who was in a Korean TV program,: The Clinic for Married Couples: Love and War, where she expressed her concern about her looks.

Being a celebrity and a TV star in Korea required her to be in the spotlight constantly, from how she looked to how she dressed to where you went; it became a matter of prestige that only comes with fame.


Koreans are known for their soft & translucent skin so saggy skin or bags under the eyes are usually not seen in good eyes when you are a celebrity. Her main concerns were her dark eye circles, wrinkles on the face & uneven breasts.
Dr. Jung KyungIn from Synergy, performed lower blepharoplasty, thread lifting and fat removal from her chin to elevate & bring about a firm contour to her facial structure. She later underwent breast lift surgery, which added volume & gave her that perfect balance in the upper body.
Aging signs is shown initially around the eyes. The soft & delicate areas of the eyes starts to sag, eyes look puffed-up & tired most of the time. This is when doctors, by creating tiny sutures, remove the fat & droopy skin. This whole procedure is called lower blepharoplasty.
Furthermore, skin sagging and wrinkles in the face can be treated with lifting procedure, so doctor uses PDO medical thread to lift face and make it tight & firm, it results in a sleek jaw line with no signs of wrinkles.
Teardrop breast surgery brings natural and perkier breasts after surgery. Women who are in their mid twenties to late forties prefer this surgery.
Dr. Jung Kyung In said, “In case of breast surgery, it brings a much better result when the ratio of the whole body is considered & maintained and hence selecting proper implants are very important”.
In addition, Dr. Jung also stated, “Surgery technique is important along with the safety of the patients. Of course cost is also considerable, but one has to check whether each clinic has a proper safety system and anesthesiologist and post care service too.”