Mini Face Lift


Mini facelift is the procedure is often referred to as an S-lift or a short scar facelift and aims to restore a youthful look by improving facial features on the lower half of the face. It's best suited for younger plastic surgery patients in their mid-thirties or forties since it is less drastic and offers minor changes to the face. It can uplift the nose, sagging cheeks, as well as the jawline. The procedure costs less because the incisions are small and the results tend to be modest and often less enduring.

Who Qualifies for this surgery?

Mini facelift is open to anyone with signs of aging or who has a medical condition that wrinkles their necks and sags the lower parts of the face. The patient must be 18 years and above especially those who are nearing their middle ages. If the sagging is more pronounced, then a minor facelift won’t be effective.  Aging tends to affect the whole face, and multiple parts might need firming up during the mini facelift.

The Benefits of Mini Facelift Surgery:

This procedure has a number of physical as well as emotional benefits. It causes minimal scarring which heals over time. It also has minimal side effects on you with less swelling, tenderness and bruising. It’s also a conservative treatment that only deals with a section of your face rather than your entire facial structure. The procedure tends to boost the self-image and self-esteem of the patients once it heals. The procedure can be completed within a few hours, and the downtime is short.

Mini Facelift vs. Standard Facelift:

The use of minimal incisions lowers the cost, recovery time, the risk of complications and the side effects. A mini facelift cannot minimise the effects of aging such as wrinkles. It only addresses specific parts of your face and offers short term changes. You are actually able to return to work several hours after a mini facelift. A standard facelift, on the other hand, makes significant changes to your face and takes up to two weeks to recover.