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Male Eye Surgery

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Male Eye Surgery?

Male Eye Surgery in Korea has basic differences compared to the women’s. Men’s surgery should be focused more on the image development more than the beauty of it. The eyes must be scar less even when it’s closed, and they must have a manly look. Synergy natural Male Eye Surgery in Korea must maintain the charisma of a man but improve the impression of the facial image into more appealing look.

For who?

If you want natural looking eyes

If you want natural looking eyelids

If you want eyelids that do not retract

If you want cool, definite eyes

Male Eye Surgery in Korea Point

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G-2 Men's Eye Surgery point question icon Men always look cheesy when they do the double eyelid surgery?

G-2 Men's Eye Surgery point answer iconIt's different on all the guys but the lines thicker than 2mm can look very cheesy. Normally, 1mm-1.5mm is the best fit for guys.


G-2 Men's Eye Surgery point question iconMen look kind if their eyes are saggy?

G-2 Men's Eye Surgery point answer iconEye slant must not be flat, but a 5 degree upwards eyes show a soft image.


G-2 Men's Eye Surgery point question iconThe new V line inside the face, Angle is important on men’s surgery!

G-2 Men's Eye Surgery point answer iconEye The golden ratio is formed when the end of the eyelid is connected to the nose sides straight.

Natural Male Eye Surgery in Korea Characteristics

Personally designed eye surgery

Natural and cool eyes

Double eyelids that do not retract back

Scar minimization

Male Eye Surgery in Korea by Type


Surgical method

Saggy skin around the eyelids and no fat tissues around the eyes is the best suited person for this surgery. Because we don’t incise anything just poke small holes there is less swelling and the healing is natural.

Part incision

Surgical method

It is the perfect fit for those who want a stronger fixation than burying and more natural double eyelid line than the full incision. It removes any unneeded tissues (lipid, muscles) and incise so the swelling and the scar are miniscule. Less swelling and the healing is natural.


Surgical method

This is for the thick layer skins, and fatty eyelid people. Incision takes out the useless fats and muscles, while giving the natural, definite look.

Precautions before the surgery
  • Don’t take anything that would interrupt hemostasis (Hormone, Vitamin E, Aspirin, etc.) 2 weeks before the surgery. If you take any painkillers or oriental medicine, it might affect the anesthesia or the surgery itself so please don’t.
  • Tell your doctor beforehand if you have high blood pressure, heart disease, or diabetes.
  • Cigarettes or any stimulating substances may cause sneeze and bleeding after surgery, so you must cease 3 days before.
  • Be careful of severe coughing and phlegm, runny nose related flus, as your breathing can be abnormal during the surgery which can be really dangerous. Tell your doctor beforehand.
  • On the day of, it is good to clean your body with mild soap, and remove any accessories, manicure, makeup or contact lenses before you come to the hospital as it will be distracting during the surgery.
  • We forbid any eating/drinking 8 hours before the surgery.
  • Prepare comfortable clothes
  • Have a partner to drive or use public transportation.
Precautions after the surgery
  • It is better to eat mild food for 7 days, but any dairy or high fiber food can cause diarrhea
  • Right after surgery, there might be a possible case of teary eyes, blinking eyes, and lazy movement feelings. This is gone naturally after 2-3 days.
  • Don’t duck or lie down while sleeping, and have 2-3 pillows support you to have the swellings and pains to be gone.
  • The strings are removed normally in around 7 days
  • After surgery, smoking or drinking is forbidden because it becomes the reason for infections so it is prohibited during the healing period.
  • Don’t wear contacts until 3 weeks in. Wear sunglasses or some actual glasses.
  • Fitness centers, mountain climbing, and sauna is okay a month after surgery.