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Hair Transplant

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Before the surgery Precautions
  • Any food consumption before the surgery is prohibited, however liquid can be taken on a certain measure
  • No hair dying upto a week prior to the surgery
  • If you have any prescribed medicine, you are advised to speak to the surgeon asking for recommendation
  • Always wear comfortable dress before the surgery
  • It is advised for you to be escorted by someone to and from the hospital.
After the surgery Precautions
  • Take rest at least a day after the surgery
  • After the surgery use ice packs for couple of days for better recovery and you are prohibited from washing your hair.
  • Take the prescribed medicine after the treatment from hospital and this are for better healing and faster results.
  • Wash your hair with shampoo after 3-4 days of surgery but the scalp should be pressed very gently
  • Drinking and smoking are injurious to health and it greatly affects the healing process and it is strongly advised to quit smoking and drinking upto four weeks after the surgery