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Feminine Breasts Surgery

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Feminine Breasts?

It is Transgender Breast Surgery when men have the abnormal state of breast size, much more like the girls’. When men reach adolescence the hormone balance can be unbalanced into more of a feminine hormone, which enlarges the breasts. This feminine breasts usually disappears after the end of adolescence. If this kind of effect, it can affect their social life, so it needs a cure and its commonly recalled as Transgender Breast Surgery.

For who?

If the tissues around the breast area appears to be feminine breasts

If the breasts have developed without any show of feminine hormones anywhere else

If the hard breast tissues are felt if touched around the nipple

If you're extremely obese on the chest area

If the chest area doesn't change after working out for a several months

Self checkup

  • If the breast is overall round and is able to grab with hand
  • If the nipple size has exceeded the normal size of 30 mm
  • If a hard tissue is felt when grabbing the outer areas of the nipples
Side area
  • If the nipple area is very pointy and the breast is saggy
  • If the area just reminds the female breast.

Feminine Breast Types

Genuine feminine breast (mammary developmental type)

This Transgender Breast Surgery when the lipid and the mammary gland tissue are simultaneously developed. Genuine feminine breast has a lump that can be felt in the outer circle of the nipple.

False feminine breast (lipid developmental type)

There is no mammary gland tissue present just the fat layer making the breasts to look big. False feminine breasts can also be cured with liposuction.

Surgical Methods of Transgender Breast Surgery

01 | Design

We design the most ideal breast line and consult with you one on one.

02 | Anesthesia and incision

In the state of sleep anesthesia, we also perform local anesthesia around the nipple and we perform minimal incision.

03 | Lipid removal

After liposuction, we flatten the chest overall.

04 | Mammary gland removal

We take a detailed look and decide where the mammary gland tube is.

05 | Stitching

We stitch in a scarless method.

Precautions before the Transgender Breast Surgery
  • Starting 4 hours before the surgery, all food including water, gum, coffee, and candy is not allowed.
  • Any substance that could interfere with blood clotting (such as hormone medicine, vitamin E, aspirin, etc.) are not to be taken starting 2 weeks before the surgery. If you are taking painkiller, hormone medication, or oriental medicine, etc., it could affect the anesthesia or after the surgery so please stop taking those.
  • Please do not drink or smoke starting 2 weeks before the surgery.
  • Prepare comfortable clothing (shirt with buttons) that will not irritate the surgery area.
Precautions after the Transgender Breast Surgery
  • A quick shower is allowed only 7 days after the surgery. Apply waterproof tape to the surgery area before taking shower
  • It helps to use 2-3 pillows to keep the head higher than heart and do not lie face down when you sleep to help with the swelling or pain.
  • For 7 days after the surgery do not raise your arms more than 90 degrees, avoid any movement that could be too strenuous to your arm and avoid strong impact (to your arms).
  • For 2 weeks after the surgery, do not drink or smoke.
  • Starting 3 weeks after the surgery, light workout is allowed but it is better to avoid chest muscle exercise.