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Male Facial Contouring

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Male Facial Contour?

Men’s first impression is decided by the Facial Contouring Surgery. Even if you have the most perfect face, rough facial contour might make you look tough and rough. Especially, if your square chin and cheekbones are developed, the overall face looks big and bulky, affecting your social life. Male Facial Contouring Surgery and Male Cosmetic Surgery Korea is to consider for them who have features pointed down below:

For who?

Facial Contouring Surgery is ideal if the face is big from the front and angular and need an effect in the front

If the overall facial contrast doesn’t fit

If you have a bulky face and make strong and scary impressions

If you have longer chin than average, or both sides are uneven

Before & After Photos of Male Cosmetic Surgery Korea

BEFORE Male Facial Contouring Surgery
Hexagon-shaped face, wide protruding jaw, angular jaw
Long curved resection, extensive reduction (fixed)
AFTER Male Facial Contouring Surgery
Smooth facial lines, soft impression, front, side effects
Square Jaw Reduction, 3D Jaw Reduction

Male Facial Contouring Surgery method

Square chin surgery

Surgical Method

In facial Contouring Surgery Korea, Square chin surgery is based on the long-curve exeresis, and it brings both the front and the side to reduce in chin size with the cortex fracture operation and the masticatory muscle reduction.
Synergy square chin completely cuts the bone so that there is not a second angle or the staircase effect, and make the natural sharp v line.

Male Facial Contouring Surgery, Cheekbone reduction surgery

Surgical Method

Cheekbone reduction surgery of Facial Contouring Surgery Korea only cuts the front cheekbone and rotates the back of the cheekbone to push it in. Cheekbone reduction surgery’s point is on how volume looking the front cheekbone looks, not just how much you’re cutting the bone.

Chin tip surgery

Surgical Method

Male Cosmetic Surgery Korea of Chin tip surgery is for the people with large tip of the chin, or have no chin at all, or any of the different variants which replaces the length and the place of the chin tip. The angle of the jaw calibration creates a beautiful v line.

Nobility Surgery

Surgical Method

Nobility surgery is where the upper jawbone is completely off or you look older because of the wrinkles around your mouth. This Facial Contouring Surgery Korea is done following the line of the wrinkle.

Facial contouring re-surgery

Surgical Method

Facial contouring re-surgery is for the people who are not satisfied with the first surgery or the ones with the problem unsolved. We make sure to see what was wrong in the first surgery and bring in the safety and accuracy.

Precautions before the Male Facial Contouring Surgery
  • Don’t take anything that would interrupt hemostasis (Hormone, Vitamin E, Aspirin, etc.) 2 weeks before the surgery. If you take any painkillers or oriental medicine, it might affect the anesthesia or the surgery itself so please don’t.
  • Tell your doctor beforehand if you have high blood pressure, heart disease, or diabetes.
  • Cigarettes or any stimulating substances may cause sneeze and bleeding after surgery, so you must cease 3 days before.
  • Be careful of severe coughing and phlegm, runny nose related flus, as your breathing can be abnormal during the surgery which can be really dangerous. Tell your doctor beforehand.
  • On the day of, it is good to clean your body with mild soap, and remove any accessories, manicure, makeup or contact lenses before you come to the hospital as it will be distracting during the surgery.
  • We forbid any eating/drinking 8 hours before the surgery.
  • Prepare comfortable clothes
  • Have a partner to drive or use public transportation.
Precautions after the Male Facial Contouring Surgery
  • It is better to eat mild food for 7 days, but any dairy or high fiber food can cause diarrhea
  • Normal meals are available 1 month after the surgery, but try to avoid any stimulating food. Any hard food like gum, squid, radish, kimchi, or any nuts are not good.
  • If we incised inside the mouth you need to keep it sanitized for any infections or diseases. Even if you don’t eat, we recommend gargling every 2-3 hours, and you must wash your mouth before you go to sleep.
  • Brushing your teeth is okay 2 weeks after the surgery. If we performed an incision inside, please be careful not to reach the operated area.
  • After surgery, smoking or drinking is forbidden because it becomes the reason for infections so it is prohibited during the healing period.
  • For faster healing, it is better to take a walk often.
  • Fitness centers, mountain climbing, and sauna is okay a month after surgery.