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Square Jaw Surgery

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Square Jaw Surgery?

Square jaw surgery is based on the long curve exeresis, and to give the frontal and the side effects, we also perform cortex fracture operation and masticator muscle reduction surgery.

Korean square jaw surgery completely cuts the bone so that there is not a second angle or the staircase effect, and make the natural sharp v-line. That’s why Korean clinics is the best for Jaw Surgery in Korea.

For Who?

If the square chin is severe

If the chin is unsymmetrical

If you can't separate the chin and the cheek

If the lower chin is large and flat

If you want both the frontal and side effects at the same time

Type of Square Jaw Surgery in Korea
TypesLong curve removalCortex bone removalMasticatory muscle reductionChin tipLipid removal
Square chin
Square Chin + Muscle Development
Square Chin + Large Front ChinT-phalangectomy
Square Chin + Long Front ChinSandwich fracturing
Square Chin + Short Front ChinBone insertion surgery
Square chin + muscle development + lipid development

Jaw Surgery Before and After - Facial Contour (Square Jaw Reduction, 3D Vast Reduction)

Hexagon-shaped face, rugged facial lines
Long curved resection, cortical osteotomy, Jawbone reduced (fixed)
Small face, V-line chin, front, side effects
Square Jawbone Reduction, 3D Jawbone Reduction

By keeping the natural curve line, this is a very difficult surgery where we fracture the bone from the square chin area to the long curve. After T-phalangectomy where the nerve line is avoided, We fracture the bones that are sticking out from the bottom of the ears in the jaw surgery in Korea. It is important to keep the natural curve line while keeping the slick v line.