Revision Surgery

Facial Contouring Revision Surgery??

This is for the people that are not satisfied with the post-surgery results, if the first surgery didn’t solve the problem, or if the facial contouring surgery created a side effect from it. We find the reason why the surgery was unsatisfactory, and do a detailed analysis on the surgery to satisfy you. It is for your best to take the revision surgery from an expert with a rich experience because it is a lot harder than the facial contouring surgery.

For Who?

If you’re not satisfied with the results facial contouring surgery

If there were any technical problems caused by the surgery

If the chin line is not as soft as expected or the cut parts are fallen

If it’s not symmetrical after facial contouring surgery

Facial Contour Revision Surgery Checklist

B-5 Forehead Surgery-surgery procedure 01 icon

Why do you need to have a re-surgery?
It is import for us to know why and where you need to have a revision surgery over.

B-4-2 Short Chin Surgery-types implants point 2

Have you been consulted before surgery after detailed checkup?
You need to tell us truthfully on the size of the bones and the density of it as tested to us, for the more satisfying revision surgery result.

B-4-2 Short Chin Surgery-types implants point 3

Will this re-surgery plan satisfy in the technical and the aesthetic sides?
We need to make sure that for this time we get it right. We need to think carefully on how we will balance the aesthetic side and the technical side. It is better to have a surgery from a more experienced doctor as this is a harder surgery than the first one.