Paranasal Augmentation (Aristocrat Surgery)

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Aristocrat Plastic Surgery?

This is for the people who look older than they actually are because of the under-nose bone, or the wrinkles around the mouth. Aristocrat surgery is mostly to make the face look younger with a softer impression.

For Who?

If you have serious laugh lines (wrinkles) on the sides of your nose

If you have protruding mouth due to serious laugh lines

If you have under development from rounded sides of your nose to your cheeks

If wrinkle around mouth cause a lot of shadow

If you usually hear you look older than your age because of your laugh lines

Characteristics of Aristocrat Surgery
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Prosthesis insertion pros

Personalized prosthesis

FDA approved, safe material

Quick surgery, quick recovery

Semi-permanent forehead volume

Natural volume, makes you look younger

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Self-lipid implant pros

No artificial materials, natural volume

Unneeded lipid suction, slim body line

Long lasting

Dimensional face, makes you look younger

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Filler pros

Natural volume with no artificial material feeling

FDA approved safe prostheses

No healing required

Naturally younger face

Surgery procedure

01. Prosthesis insertion


Paranasal augmentation is the best fitted surgery for the ones with extremely wrinkled or wide mouth area and wants semi-permanent aristocrat surgery. In order to have the scars not visible, we incise the inner scalp.


02. Self-lipid implant


If you just want a better, more natural volume, we use Paranasal augmentation surgery. This is long lasting, and it almost leaves no scars because we use the specially designed microscopic needle. We split only the pure lipid out of the lipid extract from the belly or thighs.


03. Filler surgery


Filler does not require any incising and is really fast. If the wrinkles are not as bad, and if you want an effective result in a very short period of time, this method is used. We only use FDA approved safe fillers, and the ingredient of the filler also exists in human body, so it is safe. They also leave no scars since it is injected via needle.