Facial Contouring Surgery Precaution

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Before Surgery Caution
  • Please stop taking medication that affects blood clotting (birth-control pills, hormone medicine, vitamin E, aspirin, etc.) for 2 weeks before surgery of Facial Contouring Korea.
  • If you are being treated for high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, or thyroid condition, please tell the manager or your doctor before facial contouring Korea.
  • The irritants in cigarettes cause mucus or sneezing, and could cause bleeding after the surgery so you should not drink for 3 days before the surgery of Facial Contouring Korea.
  • Please be cautious so you don’t catch a cold with serious coughing, mucus, and runny nose. If you have bad cold on the day of surgery, your throat and respiratory system may not be normal. Please let the manager or the doctor knows.
  • On the day of surgery, we recommend you wash your whole body with mild soap. Contact lenses, accessories, manicure, and make-up can get in the way during the surgery so please remove them before coming to the hospital.
  • Starting 8 hours before the surgery of facial conouring Korea, all food items including water, gum, and coffee are NOT allowed.
  • Prepare mask, scarf, hat, sunglasses, and comfortable clothes that will not irritate the surgery area (such as button-up shirt or a hoodie).
  • It may be difficult for you to drive so please come by public transportation or with a friend/family member
After Surgery Caution
  • For 7 days after the surgery of facial contouring in Korea, it is recommended you eat soft food. However, dairy products or food with a lot of fiber can cause diarrhea so please avoid.
  • Normal food can be consumed one month after the surgery but avoid strong flavored food (spicy or salty). Also try to avoid hard textured food such as gum, squid, radish, kimchi, nuts, etc.
  • If your facial contouring in Korea involved incision inside the mouth you have to keep inside of your mouth clean by gargling to prevent infection. Even if you are not eating, we recommend gargling every 2-3 hours and before you go to bed, you have to gargle your mouth.
  • You can brush your teeth 2 weeks after the Facial contouring Korea. If your surgery involved incision inside your mouth, be careful not to touch the incision area too hard until it is completely healed.
  • Drinking and smoking after the surgery slow down blood circulation and healing of scars and could cause infection so during recovery period they are not allowed.
  • To help with swelling, pain, etc. and for faster recovery, it is recommended you go out for a walk often.
  • Strenuous workout such as fitness or hiking should be avoided for about a month after the facial contouring Korea. Sauna is allowed a moth after the surgery as well.
  • Aspirin can cause bleeding so do not take any medication with aspirin in it.