B-4-1 T-osteotomy middle banner


B-4-1 T-osteotomy middle banner
What is T-osteotomy?

This chin surgery in Korea makes a perfect V line by using the sandwich osteotomy and the t-osteotomy. By reducing both the length and the width of the chin tip at the same time, it can solve chin problems. The v line can also be formed with prosthesis or lipid implant as well and square jaw reduction.

For Who?

If you have a long chin and its stuck out

If you have a masculine image because your chin is dull

If the length is iffy and wide

If the face is wide and short because of the under chin

Before & After - Facial Contour (Square Jaw Reduction, 3D Vast Reduction)

BEFORE Square Jaw Reduction
Four models face, asymmetrical face shapes
TYPE Of Chin Surgery in Korea
Long curved resection, cortical osteotomy
AFTER Square Jaw Reduction Surgery
Oval face, v chin line, front, side effects
Reduction square jaw, chin Reduction
Surgical Result

V line made only with the front chin

Short healing time, slick v line

Small but dimensional face

Improved image

Surgery Procedure

We avoid the nerve line of the chin tip and cut the chin t-sha ped, and collect the cut chins and stitch them up. This makes a very slick v line. This not only shortens but it reduces the width as well, so many people use this method.