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Short Chin Surgery

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What is Short Chin Surgery?

Short chin surgery is when your chin is too short / weak, or tip of the chin is    way behind than your mouth; you could be candidate for no-chine surgery. In such cases, your chin can be taken out to the front or alignment can be done considering the line of nose lips and tip of the chin with chin reduction surgey.

For Who?

If the chin line is vague

If the cheeks are saggy and you have wrinkles around the mouth

If you have short chin and stuck out lips

If your chin and your neck are put together

Surgical Result

V-line is possible only with front chin

Quick recovery period slim V-line

Small, 3-dimensional face shape

Sophisticated image

Surgical Procedure
 Front line surgeryBack line surgeryChin tip prosthesis insertion
Methods by symptomIf the short chin is severeIf the under chin and teeth are normal but the chin tip is stuck out with chin reduction surgeryIf you have short chin
Surgical methodPutting the chin bone forward by cutting itCut a part of the chin tip and put it backwardWith inner mouth incision, insert the prosthesis such as medpore or silicon.
Characteristics+Natural results
+All of the problems solved for the chin with short chin surgery
+Fixation by a titanium plate
+Natural result
+Back line allows to get rid of the lantern jaw feeling with chin reduction surgery
+Permanent result.
+Various types of prostheses
Types of Implant
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Safe prosthesis for various operations including short chin surgery. It is easily designable to any certain shape, and doesn’t have absorbability.

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Used instead of self-implant or alloderm. The touch is very soft and natural but the length is able to shrink

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B-4-2 Short Chin Surgery-types implants point 3


So called ‘artificial bone’ and when inserted, gives the blood tissues to grow in.