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What is Mini-bimaxilary Surgery?

Mini-bimaxilary surgery is suitable for patients that have a normal occlusion, but have an nonsymmetrical under chin or have a place that is unnatural. If you have a short chin and the chin line is not exposed well, we will extend the chin and put prosthesis, and make the ideal v line by adding more volume around the mouth with bimaxilary surgery.

Surgical Result

Cheap Price

V line made only with chin tip surgery

Balanced face line

Face size reduction and makes you look younger

Surgery Procedure

In Bimaxilary surgery we cut the front chin and put it forward as planned and fix them there. We often insert prosthesis to add the needed extra volume in between.
If the mouth looks stuck out because of the wrinkles around it, we operate aristocrat bimaxilary surgery (paranasal augmentation). Incision inside the mouth is for the prosthesis to perfectly fit and to be inserted to make it better. This can also be cured by lipid injection or beauty surgery as well.