Forehead Surgery

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Forehead surgery?

Forehead surgery is for the flat, inverted, wide, small foreheads that you might not like the way it looks. It is either done by lipid implant or prosthesis insertion. Forehead surgery should not only improve the forehead itself, but also the cheekbone, nose, and even the chin to make the dimensional looks better. Forehead reduction surgery is also used very often who have long forhead.

For Who?

If the forehead is flat or inverted

If the forehead is narrow and caved in

If the eyebrow bones are stuck out forehead reduction surgery is needed

If the forehead is wide and flat forehead reduction surgery is also applicable

Surgical Result
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Prosthesis insertion pros

Personalized prosthesis

FDA approved safe prostheses

Quick surgery, quick recovery

Semi-permanent forehead volume

Protruding mouth relieved Natural younger looking effect

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Self-lipid implant pros

No artificial materials, natural volume

Unneeded lipid suction, slim body line

Long lasting

Dimensional face, makes you look younger

Surgery Procedure
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Prosthesis insertion

Plaster formation of the surgical area → prosthesis production → Sleep anesthesia → Insertion area incision → insert prosthesis → stitch
This is the best fitted forehead surgery for the ones with extremely inverted foreheads and wants semi-permanent surgery. In order to have the scars not visible, we incise the inner scalp.

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Self-lipid implant

Design → Sleep anesthesia → lipid suction → separation of pure lipid >lipid transplant  → Extracted lipid stored in freezing condition → secondary surgery
If you just want a better, more natural volume of forehead, we use this forehead surgery. This is long lasting, and it almost leaves no scars because we use the specially designed microscopic needle. We split only the pure lipid out of the lipid extract from the belly or thighs.