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Facial Contour Special Medical System

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Rich experiences and know-how

Detailed beauty meets face science
10 years of know-how, facial contouring is done pretty if it is analyzed

Korean plastic surgery’s facial contouring covers not only the face size reduction but also our aesthetic surgery makes corrections such as the various kinds of cheekbone surgeries and creates the small and slick V lined chin. We make the best ratio and the facial combination thinking all the way from the teeth’s functions and the chin’s thickness and contour.

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High quality medical system

Accurate and safe aesthetic surgery with detailed analysis
The safety-based facial contouring, the results tell it all. How do we do it?

Our facial contouring uses 3D – CT to analyze 3 dimensionally including the shape, thickness, and the nerve system. The 3D-CT analysis finds the most ideal surgical method and the surgical area for the patients, and we bring in our 10 years of experience into a safe and accurate aesthetic surgery.

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The fear of pain, how do we perform a fearless facial contouring surgery?

The self-controlled painkiller injection is used to inject the painkiller automatically. Painkiller injections are available after the patient found his/her consciousness and feels pain. The patient can simply press the button and ease the pain.

The period that we inject the painkillers is when the patient balances his own blood toxicity with the buttons. Painkiller injections let all our patients to be less in pain after surgeries.

Consultation with the anesthesia expert

My first ever general anesthesia, a one on one consultation with the expert

Since facial contouring is done with general anesthesia, there can be many possible hesitations. Korean plastic surgery not only lets you consult with the Clinic Director but also the anesthesia director. You can consult about your fears of anesthesia, and false misunderstandings that you might have about anesthesia. We will make sure of your safety.

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Consultation with the psychological expert

Let go of your fears and hesitations with psychological consulting!

Like if you have to take the x-ray, urine test, and blood test before a aesthetic surgery, plastic surgery requires a psychological consulting. We check and consult the emotional and the psychological states of the patients. Korean plastic surgery uses professional and scientific methods to understand the psychological state, and thus setting the physical and the psychological ratio.

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Special swelling care system

Face got even bigger after the surgery because of swelling? Synergy swelling care offers fast healing time. Ramlight heals the bruises, swellings, and pains

We use Ramlight technology differentiating each patients by the skin type, sensitivity, and the depth. Ramlight increases the natural healing on damaged skin, and it helps with the scar, bruises and swelling etc after surgery. Ramlight’s light goes through the skin and delivers strong energy to the corium and the hypodermics, exciting the cells in the layers to generate more collagen and elastine to help with the faster healing after breast surgery.

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High frequency care provides blood circulation, and skin regeneration.

The high frequency raises the temperature of the skin, stimulating the cells in the skin, and also stimulating the blood circulation which helps eliminate waste from the body. Also, the collagen generating helps relieve the scars and tighten the skin with elastine.


One on one special caring agent only for me

Different procedures result in perfect results

Facial contouring surgery only turns out perfect if the after surgery caring is well cared for. One on one consulting is available about the concern-generating stuff such as scars, and swelling. You can now relieve your concerns by consulting about them.

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