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Facial Contouring

Facial Contouring, Why Synergy Plastic Surgery Clinic?


Detailed beauty meets facial science

10 years of experience, facial contouring must be analyzed to be pretty


Synergy’s facial contouring surgery deals with not only the facial size reduction but also the fixation of various lengths and widths over the face. We design each and every one of our patients after accurately analyzing to make the most ideal facial line.

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How do we make the most accurate

facial contouring plans

Without any inconsistencies?

We use the latest technology 3D-CT to analyze the jawbone’s shape, form, thickness, the nerve lines etc 3 dimensionally and helps us plan the accurate surgical plans. We also add 10 years of experience to ensure the already accurate and safe surgery.


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High quality medical service

Technology-filled security system

that lays accurate surgery and accurate results.


  • High pressured sanitation : Every device used for surgery is strictly sanitized
  • No-bacterium surgery room : Controls the microscopic dust and bacterias
  • Real-time monitor : We can monitor the patient’s status real time.
  • Emergency power supply : Prepared from any unexpected situations
  • AED : Safe and secure way to handle in an emergency situation
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Meet & consult with the anesthesia expert

Get rid of any uncertain feelings about

anesthesia with a consultation!


Since facial contouring is done with general anesthesia, there can be many possible hesitations. Synergy plastic surgery not only lets you consult with the Clinic Director but also the anesthesia director. You can consult about your fears of anesthesia, and false misunderstandings that you might have about anesthesia. We will make sure of your safety.

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With secure systems,

Accurate surgery and great results!


  • Expert psychological consultation one on one
  • Detailed healing managed by the exclusive treatment room
  • Swell care system for faster healing
  • A personalized service from consulting to healing
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