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Revision Surgery

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Eye Revision Surgery?

If your eyes got saggy after a long time from the previous surgery or if you want to change the line and the shape, you consider re-surgery as well as Ptosis Correction Surgery. Most of the time, if the twin eyelids are unsymmetrical left to right, this becomes the main reason of re-surgery. Korean Plastic Surgery accurately analyzes the reason and finds the Ptosis Correction Surgery method so that there are no further re-surgeries after that.

For who?

If you want to change the elevation of the line after the double eyelid surgery

If the double eyelid is gone or the line is unsymmetrical

If you’re swelling or have scars even after a long period of time

Before & After - Eye Revision Surgery (ptosis correction surgery)

If you’re swelling or have scars even after a long period of time
Ptosis correction surgery (revision)
Cool, crisp eyes
Ptosis correction surgery (revision)

Types of Eye Revision Surgery

Big or noticeable scars on the eyelid

We stitch the normal tissues after cutting off the scarred tissues. But you might not have the skin available for that. We can’t completely remove the scar, but we can make it not as visible with Ptosis Correction Surgery.

Sausage line double eyelids because of swelling

This happens if the line is designed a lot bigger compared to the face, and the unneeded fat tissue is the main reason. We remove the scarred and the fat tissues during the re-surgery, making a natural line.

Unsymmetrical double eyelids

The eyes need correction if the eyes look unbalanced even after the surgery. Also, the redo is happening for both eyes even though only one is off.

Unsatisfying lines and the size of the double eyelids

If you don’t like the way your eyes look, another consulting will get you the line you want.

Surgical Methods

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When should I have a Revision Surgery?

It is recommended to have it at least 6 months later, when the swelling is completely gone.

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Enough consulting is necessary to find out why the surgery failed and how we can get it right this time.

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We desquamate as consulted to bring up new line of the eyelids.

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We put off the original double eyelid line and remove unneeded tissues.

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We stitch the new double eyelid line to make a beautiful and clear set of eyelids.