Eye Surgery Caution 20

Eye Surgery Caution

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Before Surgery Caution
  • For sleep anesthesia, you cannot eat or drink 6 hours before surgery for eye surgery care. You can’t eat any candy, gum, water, or coffee. You need to eat less stimulating food before the 8 hours.
  • Products that interfere with the hemostasis (anti-pregnant pills, hormone pills, vitamin E, aspirin, etc) 2 weeks before the surgery. If you use any oriental medicine, painkillers, or hormone pills, it can interfere with the anesthesia or the surgery so please cease taking.
  • If you have any prescribed medicines or unknown excetras, you need to tell the doctor beforehand.
  • For eye surgery care , you need to stop smoking or drinking 2 weeks before the surgery for condition controls.
  • It is good to have a good night’s sleep before the surgery.
  • Don’t wear any accessories or makeups, and wear comfortable clothes. Remove the contact lenses, and don’t put on manicure.
  • It can be dangerous to drive by yourself after eye surgery care, so it is better to use public transportation or to have someone else drive you
After Surgery Caution
  • The swelling is not as bad right after the surgery, but 2-3 days after is the worst and it starts to come down after that. If the swelling is big it should disappear within a week.
  • You can bleed until the second day after surgery, and it’s okay to just wipe it off gently. Please don’t touch or blow your nose. Don’t lie down completely when you’re sleeping and it is effective to take 2-3 pillows when you sleep for the cease of swelling.
  • Please don’t remove any band-aid or the cotton that is in inserted within the nose without permission from the doctors. Don’t remove any of the scabs appearing in the area and don’t touch the surgery performed areas.
  • It is good to ice-massage for the 7 days after surgery, and warm massages are good after that to reduce the swelling.
  • We remove the stings after around 7 days, and face washing or makeups are available after the removal for eye surgery care.
  • It is okay to have any meals after surgery, but try not to eat anything that’s spicy or stimulating.
  • Glasses or sunglasses are to be used 1 month after surgery to eye surgery care. You cannot drink or smoke for the next month and cannot go to any sauna. Only use painkillers or antibiotics prescribed from the hospital. If you need extra painkillers, Tylenol is okay, but any sort of aspirin is not since it can cause bleeding.