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Partial Incision Method

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What is Partial Incision?

Partial Incision Method removes the unneeded tissues such as the lipid and muscles to make the double eyelid line. Because the incision is very small, the swelling and scars are also small. If burying method is hard to be done because of the muscles and lipid, consider this method in Best Korean Plastic Surgery Clinic.

For who?

If burying method does not fit you

If you want to remove the lipid and muscles around the eyelid

If you’re worried about the scars and swelling

Before & After - Forming the Double Eyelid Surgery Korea

Thin crease lines, sharp eyes
Eyelid Partial Incision
Clearer eyes, gentle impression, bigger eyes
Double eyelids

Surgery Procedure Double Eyelid Surgery Korea

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Design your eyelids with the expert surgeon that fits your face

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Remove a part of the orbicular muscles and lipid by incising 1-2mm

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Use the line connection like the burying method to make a natural line, and stitch

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The natural and clear eyelids are complete!

Why Synergy’s Partial Incision for Eye Surgery in Korea?

  • We minimize the scars and swellings to make the most natural double eyelid line.
  • It is the personalized design that is designed by the director and you.
  • It has a strong fixation, and slim, natural double eyelids will be complete in a short period time