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Incision Method

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What is Incision Method?

Incision removes the unneeded fat and muscles, but still creating the natural eye lines. It does have a larger incising area, so in order to minimize the swelling and scars, you need to take it from the expert for a better surgical incision care.

For who?

If you have thick lipid layer that makes you bulky

If the skin around the eyes is saggy and you want a eyelid line fixation

If you want a definite, sturdy double eyelid line that doesn't come off

Before & After - Forming the eye (eyelid)

Wrinkled eyelid, raised
Eyelid incision
Clearer eyes, bigger eyes, soft impression
Double eyelids

Surgery Procedure of Surgical Incision Care

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Design your eyelids with the expert surgeon that fits your face

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Remove the right amount of lipid and the orbicular muscles as planned in the designing phrase

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Directly connect the skin and the upper eyelid muscles and stitch them.

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Natural and definite eyelids are complete

Why Synergy’s Incision?

  • We minimize the scars and swellings to make the most natural double eyelid line by surgical incision care
  • It is the personalized design that is designed by the director and you.
  • The satisfaction level is very high due to the sturdiness and the naturalness with our surgical incision care.