Buried Suture Method 20

Buried Suture Method

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What is Buried Suture?

We don’t incise the skin, but rather use microscopic holes to do the buried suture surgery, so it is easy to be healed from since it has less scars and swelling. The past burying method had a weakness where it would come off and you might hesitate because of that, but Synergy will make you a sturdy, natural double eyelid that fits you with buried suture

For who?

If you don't want thick, but natural eyes

If you want natural double eyelids in a short period of time

If you have double eyelids but they’re vague or if you have many layers of it

Buried Suture Surgery Procedure

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Design your eyelids with the expert surgeon that fits your face

E-2-1 Buried Suture Method procedure image 2

Make little holes as shown from the design

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Stitch the holes sturdily

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Natural and clear eyelids appear.

Why Synergy’s Buried Suture?

  • We make sure it doesn’t come off as time goes
  • We stitch the inner eyelid one more time to make it sturdier
  • Natural line is created because there were no incisions performed
  • A personalized eye surgery that is designed by both you and the director
  • They look like my eyes since there are no scars