Double Eyelid Surgery

Double Eyelid Surgery in Korea is a mainstream method among Korean and Asia descendants around the globe, including their nations of beginning. Looking for the "Korean Double Eyelid Surgery" gives the upper eyelid an obvious wrinkle or Fold when the Eye is open. It has been assessed that half of the Korean populace don't normally have the Double Eyelid Fold.


Canthoplasty before after 2


Eyelid Surgery in Korea

Korean Double eyelid surgery in Korea is famous as the Korean eyes fluctuate as far as the Epicanthal overlap, measure of Skin, fat and other vital auxiliary components. One system does not fit all. Oculoplastic Surgeon has broad involvement with Korean Double Eyelid Surgery and has performed Double Eyelid Blepharoplasty for some Korean Patients from everywhere throughout the world.

Korean Blepharoplasty – typical looking Eyelid Crease

Making a characteristic looking Double Eyelid surgery in Korea must consider variables, for example, the age and sex of the Patient. An imperative choice before Korean Blepharoplasty is figuring out if you are a possibility for an incisional or a non-incisional strategy.


E-5-1 Lower eyelid Lipid Surgery before after image 1


Candidates for Double Eyelid Surgery in Korea

In case you're somebody who needs to have a more characterised Eyelid Crease, he/she might be a candidate Korean Double eyelid surgery in Korea. Please note that Age can be considered the kind of Crease and the Method of Surgery required. For instance, a 60-year-old lady would likely need an alternate sort of surgery when contrasted with a 30-year-old Man.


How is the Double Eyelid Surgery in Korea done?

The Korean double eyelid surgery comprises of reshaping the Upper Eyelid. Amid your conference, different factors will be assessed including:

  • Your Skin thickness and quality
  • Your Fat volume under the skin
  • Your Healing Power from past strategies
  • Your special Anatomy around your eyes
  • Your Age
  • Your Gender


In fact, the non-Incisional strategy is still surgery; however, as opposed to making an Incision and expelling skin from the Upper Eyelid, little openings are made in the Skin. A Stitch is gone through in an approach to join the upper Eyelid Skin to the hidden Levator Muscle, which is in charge of Lifting the Eyelid. The Korean Double eyelid surgery will bring about the eyelid skin collapsing in when the eyes are opened.


E-5-1 lipid removal image 2


Korean blepharoplasty-Surgery technique

If there are additional Skin and Fat on the Upper Eyelid, an Incisional approach is used to make the crease. After our Surgeon draws the proper pattern, an Incision will be made in the Upper Eyelid range. Ordinarily, a little Volume of Fat will be evacuated all together for the wrinkle to be characterised with the aim of abstaining from making an "Empty" zone.