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Synergy’s Special Treatment System

Accurate diagnosis oriented surgery

A double eyelid surgery can lead to many worlds. The impression can change to a beautiful form, and you might get only one line of the double eyelid instead of 2. Why would this happen? It is hard to get We Engineer the plans of your surgery ergonomically, in order to create the prettiest and the most beautiful eyes. Not only the external size and the shape, we look into the internal parts closely to safely and accurately complete the surgery sometimes with Laser Eye Surgery.

We look at the size of the eye size and the thickness, and the face, consults with the patient where we explain three-dimensionally and tell the incision parts, and we process to the Laser Eye Surgery itself to find you the beauty within yourself.

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Rich surgical experience and know-hows

We speak our surgical cases with the results.

For many years, the double eyelid surgery only consisted of burying surgery and incision surgery, but now, depending on the patients, we can now perform blepharoptosis fixation, lipid repositioning, and many more surgeries that consider other types of eyes like Laser Eye Surgery. It is the best choice to consult with the expert surgeon to find the right kind of eyes for you. The swelling and bruises can be from personal body difference, but it can also be from how well and fast the surgery went.

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One on one consulting with the professional anesthesia director

Uneasiness about the anesthesia, a talk with the director for the better sense of security!

Eye surgery can either be operated by local or the sleep anesthesia. Synergy plastic surgery not only lets you consult with the Clinic Director but also the anesthesia director. You can consult about your fears of anesthesia, and false misunderstandings that you might have about anesthesia. We will make sure of your safety here at Synergy.

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Professional psychological consultant meeting

Like if you have to take the x-ray, urine test, and blood test before a surgery, plastic surgery requires a psychological consulting. We check and consult the emotional and the psychological states of the patients. Synergy plastic surgery uses professional and scientific methods to understand the psychological state, and thus setting the physical and the psychological ratio.

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Eye re-surgery responsibility

Laser Eye surgery is the most-frequent surgery in the nation, and there’s a higher chance of re-surgery because of that. We will provide 100% of the cost to re-surgery of the eyes become unsymmetrical or the double eyelid dies within a year, 50% for 1-2 years, and 30% for 2-3 years.

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