Breast Surgery Caution

D-7 Breast Surgery Caution middle banner
Before Breast Surgery Caution

  • Once the surgery is scheduled, you cannot drink or eat at least 8 hours before the surgery and Breast Surgery Caution
  • Before fasting for your surgery, have something that is easily digested, and is not spicy or strong-tasting.
  • On the day of surgery, wear comfortable, zip-up type clothes and do not wear any accessories.
  • You have to let your doctor know of all the medication(s) that you are taking, types of allergies that you have, medical history/illness that you have, and any symptom/illness that you are being treated for at the moment.
  • Starting 2 weeks before the surgery, you should not drink or smoke to manage your condition.
  • On the day of surgery, do not put any make-up on, make sure the surgery area is clean, and if it is armpit incision surgery, you have to have your armpit shaved before you come in for the surgery. Also, make sure you do not have any nail polish on your fingers and toes.
  • For surgeries that require general (whole body) anesthesia – On the day of surgery, you are not allowed to drive yourself.

After Breast Surgery Caution

  • Drinking and smoking is forbidden until after 4 weeks. Alcohol can cause infections, and smoking can cause contraction on your blood vessels, darkening your skin.
  • The chest pain ca happed for 24-48 hours after surgery, and it slowly reduces as time goes by. Swelling is the worst for 1-3 days and 70-80% of the swelling is gone after 2 months, and it’s completely gone after 6 months
  • It is recommended to support yourself with 2-3 pillows when you’re sleeping. Don’t lie down sideways or lie down facing the bed. To have the tissues set, it is best to sleep upright for the 3 weeks and it helps healing to sit down upright for the week.
  • We remove the stings after around 7-14 days, and we offer massages after string removal.
  • It is okay to have any meals after surgery, but try not to eat anything that’s spicy or stimulating.
  • The support brassier is worn to stop any moving of the materials, so you have to keep it on until the day that we tell you in the breast surgery caution guideline.
  • A light shower is okay after string removal, but sauna is okay after 1 month, and any extreme athletic activities should be done 3 weeks after.
  • Only use painkillers or antibiotics prescribed from the hospital. If you need extra painkillers, Tylenol is okay, but any sort of aspirin is not since it can cause bleeding.