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Waterdrop Breast Surgery

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Waterdrop Breast Surgery?

It is the ideal shape of the women’s breast fitting the natural shape. The movement is natural lie a water dropping and the feel is natural as well with breast enlargement surgery.

For Who?

If your upper body is very thin

If the breasts are placed upside and saggy

If you have thin skin layer and less development of the breast line

If the distance between the nipples and the underbreast is short

If you want a natural movement and volume

Why Waterdrop Breast Surgery?


Waterdrop Breast Surgery

Korean Plastic Surgery doctor Jung Kyung In has gone over endless researches of breast enlargement surgery and rich experiences, getting acknowledged by the world by being selected as a mentor in the Asia-pacific area.
Korean Plastic Surgery thinks that ‘breast surgery must be natural’. Director Jung Kyung In’s Waterdrop plastic surgery proudly presents a soft sensation and faster healing. The Waterdrop surgery brings confidence where it doesn’t feel awkward when you lie down like if they were your own breasts with our breast enlargement surgery.

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Waterdrop plastic surgery using 3D endoscope

The original breast implant methods for breast enlargement surgery had to force in the prosthesis since you couldn’t’ see inside the breast with the human eyes. It had higher chances of blood vessel and nerves ruptures so it wasn’t so safe.

Especially, Waterdrop surgery is closely related to the side effects because of the positioning. The prosthesis has a better look if placed over the muscles, but it is hard to cover the prosthesis with the breast tissues. The under muscle has a lower chance of capsular contracture, but it was hard to project the shape of the breasts.

Korean Plastic Surgery’s breast enlargement surgery with the endoscope allows us to check the microscopic blood vessels and the nerves with the HD capabilities. It lets the nerve system and the blood vessels’ safety and reduces the bleeding, also immunizing from capsular contractures.

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Endoscopic Breast
Surgery Pros

  • Minimal scars with minimal incision
  • Less bleeding, with less interference of blood vessels and the nerve system
  • Detailed analysis of the muscular tissues
  • No capsular contracture
  • Less healing time
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Specialty of Waterdrop Breast


No massage needed with the special Waterdrop breasts

The natural looks and feels are stable with fewer side effects.


Natural social life with shorter healing time

The recovery time is very short, allowing you to have a natural social life.


Natural like my breasts, beautiful like the Waterdrop!

Waterdrop breast surgery is way more natural than the previous round type, natural looking likes the water dripping. Biologically designed natural breast shapes, and There are almost no side effects because the area is tight in the breast where prosthesis is available to travel.


Outstanding results with different sizes of prosthesis!

Korean Plastic Surgery constructs and designs every single patient’s prostheses, assuring satisfaction.


We only use the right stuff, because it’s safe!

Korean Plastic Surgery only uses the FDA and the KRFDA approved prosthesis materials. We use widely recommended materials like Mento, ellergan, polytec, each one having an authentic serial number with the receipt.


Breast shape GOOD! Satisfaction GOOD!

Big breasts after the surgery are not pretty. Not only the tallness and the weight, we also think of the width of the chest, the chest shape, the length of the breast, the sagginess to elaborately plan the surgery, in order to create a safe, satisfying surgery. The success of the breast surgery does not come from the size, but the naturalness.


Re-surgery free after the first surgery? Yes!!!

We offer no cost re-surgery even if you get infections or get a capsular contracture. Not only that, if you want to change the size of the breast, we will provide 50% of the cost. We guarantee 20 years after surgery because our priority is our patients.