Up Breast Surgery

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Up Breast Surgery?

It implants the self-lipids after inserting the prosthesis. In implant breast surgery, the lipid is extracted from the belly or the thighs so it’s safe, and it is inserted over the prosthesis so it brings the touch sensation, the natural shape and the wanted size.

For who?

If you want a natural sensation and the size of the breasts through implant breast surgery

If you don’t like the feeling of prosthesis

If you want the perfect  matching of both breasts

If you want to hide the fact that you have had breast surgery

Surgical methods

Up breast implant breast surgery characteristics

The prosthesis patients are mostly the thin people. They tend to not like the feel of the artificial prosthesis, while liking the look of it. The feeling of unnaturalness is definite. They also want a better sensation of the breasts. Some people even want to remove the implants and change to lipid implant, but it will slowly disappear as time goes.

Prosthesis breast surgery
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Self lipid implant breast surgery
D-2-2 Synergy Up Breast self lipid implant image
Up breast surgery
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Up implants breast surgery is a method that eliminated the implant material's disadvantage. A material that can be base of breast is chosen, autologous fat is grafted so it is a surgery that can satisfy both size and texture and this method is getting a lot of attention right now

Pros of Prosthesis breast surgery
  • Finding the best fit is possible looking at the body type
  • Safe prosthesis approved by the FDA and the Korean FDA
  • The serial number receipt of the prosthesis given
  • Permanent breast volume and natural breast line
Pros of lipid implant breast surgery
  • Natural shape and sensation through the self-lipid
  • Unneeded fat removal and breast enlargement can be done simultaneously
  • Part bracing with the extracted fat, and unbalanced breast bracing available
  • No incision using lipid injection, No scars

Pros of Prosthesis implant breast surgery

Specialty of Up breast implant
Rich Experience

Considered the best facility for breast surgery in the Asian-pacific area, acknowledged by others

High Tech System

HD endoscope helps the least incision! The least bleeding! The least pain! With accurate desquamation, fast healing time with the minimal bleeding!

One on One Fit Breast Surgery

Detailed analysis of how saggy the breast are, the thickness of the skin, the width of the chest, etc.

Anesthesia support

Consulting with the anesthesia specialist to figure out the body type

20 years guarantee

If there are any side effects after surgery for 20 years, a free support is given

Special scar treatment

Doesn’t depend on the time of healing! The scar care with injection and lamp light, a special