Breast Augmentation Cost


Breast augmentation cost is a common and increasingly popular procedure for lots of women worldwide. There are a number of breast augmentation techniques. These techniques are used by ladies who have small largest, large breast, the breast that have been altered through breast cancer and those who are dissatisfied with their breast.  The costs of the breast augmentation procedure vary depending on your doctor, needs, and geographic location. Even then the basic procedures are readily available to a majority of the women around the world at affordable breast augmentation cost.

The Cost Involved:

The bBreast augmentation cost include facility fee, surgeon's fee, anaesthesia, the cost of an implant, and surgical garments. The implants could be saline or silicone. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average breast augmentation cost and cost for removal of breast implants are pretty much equal. Most of this breast augmentation cost fee only covers the surgeon’s fee. Besides the surgeon's fee, the other primary determinant of the overall costs is the type and cost of breast implants used. The medical tests, post-surgery visits, prescription medication, are the other significant fees that will add to your overall costs.

Financing the Procedure:

Each surgeon has different financing and payment options for the breast augmentation procedure and breast augmentation cost. Make sure you ask during your first visit. The surgeon should be able to help you secure financing option. Most commonly it is paid through cash or credit. If the procedure is medically warranted rather than merely cosmetic, then you can ask the surgeon to write to the firm that provides you with cover for the breast augmentation cost.


Insurance companies do not cover breast augmentation cost unless you can prove theta there is medical grounds for such a surgery. Keep in mind that close to 155 of women lose their sensation on the nipples after the surgery. There is also the slight possibility that you might have cosmetic side effects like patchy skin and dissatisfaction with the final outcomes.