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After Care System

The Special  Treatment System

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“It is not the same because they’re all small!”

Rich experience

Surgical results are the truth. The extensive experience decides the result of the surgeries.

The size of the prosthesis is designed depending on the patient’s body type, skin status, chest size, the sagginess level, and it is based off that to bring out the natural and beautiful breast surgery in Korea. The surgeon that graded from Seoul National University brings rich experience to the table as well as his special skills to ensure the best results with volume breasts.

The breast surgery requires a lot of experience to exactly know what you’re doing. We will try our very best to preserve your beauty here at Synergy. That’s why Synergy is the best for Breast Surgery in Korea.

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High standard medical system

How does the HD endoscope affect the healing time of the breast surgery?

Desquamation is a must for minimal incision, minimal bleeding and minimal pain. HD endoscope brings accurate and safe surgery to the table with the headlamp that allows us to look at the small nerves and blood vessels with the human eye during the surgery. The vision that the endoscope provides from a small incision lets us shape as requested and accurately positioning the prosthesis. And through accurate desquamation, HD endoscope provides less pain and faster healing through bleeding less.

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D-1 Breast Surgery-After Care-chapter 2-High standard 2

Fear of pain, a method for a fearless breast surgery?

Pain controller (pain-free injection) lets us inject just the right amount of pain killers automatically, so it is safe. Pain free injection is available to inject any time requested, like if the patient wakes up and feel the pain. All you need to do is press the button to ease it up.

It is even available to be self-controlled whenever you feel the pain. A regular small dose is okay to kill the pain. This safely kills the pain of the patients very safely.

Mentor company selected best training facility for breast augmentation surgery

Where we teach surgeons

Internationally famous breast prosthesis company Mentor has recognized us to be the best hospital to teach breast surgery to other surgeons. This Johnson and Johnson sponsored event only picked 2 hospitals in Korea, and Synergy is one of them for breast surgery in Korea. This shows the excellence behind our experience and skills.

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One on one consulting with the anesthesia expert

My first ever general anesthesia, consult with the anesthesia expert

The breast surgery in Korea is often hesitated because of the anesthesia. Should I only be talking to the plastic surgeon before the surgery? Synergy offers not only the plastic surgeon consultation but also the anesthesia surgeon consultation as well even before the surgery. We will guarantee your safety of your surgery reeducating you about the mistaken facts and opinions on anesthesia.

Consulting with the psychological expert

Consultation system that relieves your uncertainty of surgery mentally

We checkup on the status of the mental state, and stabilize the patients before and after the surgery Synergy understands your mental state and ensure the mental and physical balance during and after surgery.

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Synergy’s Special Treatment System

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20 years guarantee

No more worrying about capsular contracture or re-surgery cost after breast surgery in Korea!

The most side effects occurred by breast surgery is the capsular contracture, and the infections around the prosthesis. If any foreign substance gets into the human body, the body creates a defensive layer due to the level of immunity. The layer hardens as time goes by.

We offer no cost re-surgery even if you get infections or get a capsular contracture. Not only that, if you want to change the size of the breast, we will provide 50% of the cost. We guarantee 20 years after surgery because our priority is our patients.

D-1 Breast Surgery-After Care-chapter 1-20 years guarantee
Scar care system

Scar is solved over time? Scar care that overruns time

After breast surgery in Korea, the scar that happened on the incised area, is relieved by the scar care system that we provide. Scar care system softens the scar with Triam injection and we do Proxel 10 times to cure the scar.

After breast surgery, Proxel’s laser wavelength is effective on the leftover red scar on the incised area. It also stabilizes the color tone or the scar, and the skin regeneration is taken up a notch for a faster healing time.

*Scar management system process
For one to three months after the surgery, we provide scar injection management (Triam) and after 3 months, after check-up, we provide Fraxel laser treatment management.

D-1 Breast Surgery-After Care-chapter 2-Scar care system
Special swelling care system

Swell-free volume filled breasts! Now fast healing is the core of breast surgery in Korea!

We use Ramlight technology differentiating each patient by the skin type, sensitivity, and the depth. Ramlight increases the natural healing on damaged skin, and it helps with the scar, bruises and swelling etc after surgery. Ramlight’s light goes through the skin and delivers strong energy to the corium and the hypodermics, exciting the cells in the layers to generate more collagen and elastine to help with the faster healing after breast surgery.

D-1 Breast Surgery-After Care-chapter 3-Special swelling care system
One on one special caring agent only for me

Different procedures result in perfect results

Breast surgery in Korea only turns out perfect if the after surgery caring is well cared for. One on one consulting is available about the concern-generating stuff such as scars, swelling, and breast massage. You can now relieve your concerns by consulting about them.

Breast prosthesis receipte

Have you checked if your implant is honest?

Synergy only uses the FDA and the KFDA approved materials for breast surgery in Korea. The receipt and the serial number for each prosthesis is given. If we used a Chinese prosthesis for the lower price, it is unavailable to say anything about them for China.

The receipt and the serial number is owned both by the patient and us. Breast surgery provides you with 2 serial numbers, both left and right side of your breasts. We take care of the side effect minimizing with the honest materials we use.

D-1 Breast Surgery-After Care-chapter 5-Breast prosthesis receipt