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Face lift

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What is Face Lift?

Facelift uses Mesh and Barbed string, unlike the string used in the EZlift which is Non Surgical Facelift. We insert this special string into the point of operation, and it places quickly into the skin and it brings the natural facial expressions available. After lifting, to prevent the re-slugging, the special string used will maintain the lifted condition for a long period of time than Non Surgical Facelift. Korean Plastic surgery clinics is committed to do the best Facelift Surgery in Korea.

Who needs this surgery?

If you have severe 8-wrinkle, mouth wrinkle, and eye wrinkles

If you want the V line without shaving the chin

If you want a small, tangy face line

If you want a semi-permanent lifting effect

Treatment Area

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Features of Face Lift in Korea

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01. Tons of experience

Korean Plastic Surgery, with plenty of surgical experiences and know-hows, we create and operate the fitted Anti-aging plan for the surgery like Non Surgical Facelift. Effective lifting will is guaranteed and we use our past experiences to safely operate the surgery tracking every one of the muscle movements for the natural facial muscles. Korean Plastic Surgery clinics also offer non surgical facelift in Korea as well.

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02. Safe anad effective special string

Unlike the past lifting technology, the special string strongly sticks onto the tissues and makes semi-permanent operation possible. The string is designed to stick the net-looking mesh around the incision point, so that the semi-permanent effects come to life.

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03. KFDA approved lifting string

Facelift surgery in Korea has been approved by the KFDA, using only the TESS strings, the safe and sound operation is possible. The same materials, Polypropylene, is also used in eyes, heart, and hernia incisions.

Treatment Methods
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01. The opening is cut by 2cm

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02. After inserting the specially produced TESS String, stitch to make them as one.

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03. The mesh can be hooked by the half-moon needles.
04. Finish up the surgery by stitching up the operated parts.

Before & After The Surgery

Before the surgery

  • We restrict any sort of food 4 hours before surgery (lunch, water, gum, candy, coffee, etc)
  • Please tell us about your special medications to our directors before the surgery.
  • It is recommended to stop smoking three days prior to the surgery due to the high chance of unconventional bleeding.
  • On the day of the surgery, wear comfortable clothes, with a hat, a mask, and a pair of sunglasses.
  • It is hard to drive with the surgery done for the day so it is wise to bring a partner or to use the metro.

After the surgery

  • After the surgery, big facial expressions can be the reason for the surgery to become unsuccessful, so it is better to be careful for a month unlike Non Surgical Facelift.
  • Plenty of rest and vitamin C supplement can revitalize your collagen and help you heal faster.
  • Up to the 3rd day after the surgery, it is best to ice the swelled area, and after the 3rd day it is better to rest warmly.
  • For about a month, it is better to lie down straightly, without turning to the sides. Also, it helps to ease down the aftermath pain if you sleep with your upper body angled at 30 degrees.
  • Drinking and smoking can badly hurt the scars that are not healed yet, and it is for the best to start again after the 4th week.