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Filler treatment lets you have a beautiful, sharp nose within 10 minutes without any injections or incisions, and it fills up any wrinkles or places where the volume is needed, making you a lot younger. If you have negative thoughts about plastics or long healing time, and swelling or infections, Filler treatment is the right procedure for you.

For who?

If you want a sharp, natural nose without any big surgeries

If you want to put in more volume towards the forehead, cheekbone, and chin

If you want to look younger than your actual age

If you have skinny lips or vague lines

If you don’t like the idea of big plastic surgery nor the healing time

Type of Botox
<strong>01. Radiesse filler</strong>
01. Radiesse filler

Ingredient : Calcium
Duration : 12-24 months

<strong>02. Restylane-vital</strong>
02. Restylane-vital

Ingredient : hyaluronic acid
Duration : 12 months at most

<strong>03. Yvore-volume</strong>
03. Yvore-volume

Ingredient : hyaluronic acid
Duration : 12 months at most

Filler Treatment  Area

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Why Korean Cosmetics Clinics For Filler Treatment?
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Xeomin & Radiesse, Pharmaceutical company, Merz's official instructor license
  • Pharmacist-approved official certificate
  • Rich experience history where a doctor teaches a doctor
  • Honestly using the right kind and the right amount for the surgery

Precautions, after surgery

Precautions after Filler Treatment Surgery

  • The swelling naturally disappears in a few days.
  • On the day of surgery, please wash the surgery area gently.
  • Do not expose yourself to any excessive hot or cold temperatures (sauna, heavy workout, etc)
  • If the area of surgery still hurts and is still red even after some time, come visit us again.
  • On the day of surgery, it is recommended that you do not drink or smoke.