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Botox treatment brings great effect when removing small wrinkles around the areas of developed muscles (square chin, calves, thigh, trapezius muscle) with injecting a substance called botulinum. Botulinum temporarily paralyzes the movement of muscle thus letting us stretch the wrinkles, and also giving time to minimize developed muscles on the chin or the calves. It can also be effective for excessive sweating.

For who?

Botox treatment is for when you want to improve the wrinkles around your face.

If you have developed chin (Masticatory) muscle

If you’re havinga difficult social life because of excessive sweating

If your calf muscles are too developed and it looks bad

Type of Botox
<strong>01. German Xeomin Botox</strong>
01. German Xeomin Botox

Effect time : from 1 week
Duration : 3-6 months
Made in Germany
Features : non-tolerant

<strong>02. Korea hugelpharma Botox</strong>
02. Korea hugelpharma Botox

Effect time : from 2 week
Duration : 3-6 months
Made in Germany
Features : cheap price

Treatment Area

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Botox Effect
Eyes, center forehead, forehead

The effect lasts about 3 months and becomes effective within 1-2 weeks.

Square chin

Lasts around 4-8 months after completely minimizing the muscles on the chin line in 4-8 weeks

Traoezous muscle, calves

4-6 months of effectiveness after 4-8 weeks of preparing. It gives your body the effect of a slim bodyline.

Why Korean Cosmetics Clinics For Botox Treatment?
Xeomin & Radiesse, Pharmaceutical company, Merz's official instructor license
  • Pharmacist-approved official certificate
  • Rich experience history where a doctor teaches a doctor
  • Honestly using the right kind and the right amount for the surgery

Precautions, after surgery

Precautions after Botox surgery

  • The swelling naturally disappears in a few days.
  • On the day of surgery, please wash the surgery area gently.
  • Do not expose yourself to any excessive hot or cold temperatures (sauna, heavy workout, etc)
  • If the area of surgery still hurts and is still red even after some time, come visit us again.
  • On the day of surgery, it is recommended that you do not drink or smoke.