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What is Liposuction?

We extract body fat from your own body, mostly your stomach or the thighs, and we centrifuge to extract only the pure lipid to transplant to the face. Korean Cosmetics surgery clinics focuses on not only filling up with lipid but also giving the face more lively feeling. That’s why Korean Cosmetics surgery clinics is the best for Liposuction in Korea

For who?

If you have a lot of fat in your stomach, arms, legs, face, etc

If diets don't work for you

If you want to make a balanced body in a small amount of time

If the skin shows too much cellulite than Liposuction in Korea is ideal for you

Surgical Areas

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Liposuction in Korea Points

Lipid layers mean that the lipid cells have overpopulated and thickened the layer under the skin. Lipid suction uses the Cannula, by our own specialists to create a tunnel where the lipid cells can be extracted through the skin layer.

Pros of Korean Cosmetics surgery Lipid Suction
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Korean Cosmetics surgery clinics Lipid Suction doesn’t leave any scars!
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Treatment Area
SAL, Suction-assisted Lipoplasty

This variation uses the hands movement to suck the lipid by using the air pump causing the sound pressure. It uses the cannula to suck the lipid. It is best fit for face, arm, or thighs where it needs the ultimate attention.

PAL, Power-assisted Lipoplasty

The cannula is connected to an automatic motor that lets the lipid come out easily. It is good for the stomach and the lovehandle, because it absorbs a lot of lipid for a lot less time.

Precautions, Before & After The Surgery

Before the surgery

  • We restrict any sort of food 4 hours before surgery (lunch, water, gum, candy, coffee, etc)
  • Please tell us about your special medications to our directors before the surgery.
  • It is recommended to stop smoking three days prior to the surgery due to the high chance of unconventional bleeding.
  • On the day of the surgery, wear comfortable clothes, with a hat, a mask, and a pair of sunglasses.
  • It is hard to drive with the surgery done for the day so it is wise to bring a partner or to use the metro.

After the surgery

  • After the Liposuction in Korea, it is recommended you make sure you take prescribed medication from the hospital, and that you take plenty of rest and relax.
  • After surgery, for 24 hours to 3 days, fluid can leak out, and there may be bruise or swelling around the surgery area.
  • Compression garment is to be worn after removing the dressing.
  • It helps with the swelling, for the skin to settle in place, and it must be worn for 2-3 months.
  • You can take a shower starting one week after the surgery but do not rub to hard and try to avoid getting the scar area wet if possible.
  • Drinking and smoking slows down the healing of the scars and could cause infection so you can drink or smoke starting 4 weeks after the surgery.