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Lip Augmentation

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What is Lip Lifting?

Lazy mouth corner surgery by either lip augmentation or lip lifting surgery brings out sad and angry facial impressions, allowing bringing bad images towards other people. New smile lip lifting surgery allows the lazy mouth corner to lift, bringing the natural and beautiful smile. Flight attendants or people looking for jobs tend to have this surgery a lot.

For who?

If the mouth corner is down and sad looking

If the mouth is not symmetry while smiling

If you want to improve your facial expression to be more appealing naturally

Operation Method
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Partial incision for lip lifting surgery on the muscle of depressor anguli oris (or muscle that pulls down mouth corners)

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Weaken its function, then pull and lift the skin and muscle upward

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Make the mouth corners go up naturally

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Minimize the scar by minimal incision and micro stitching

*Lips' mucous membrane has excellent regeneration ability so after about a month, the scar is barely visible.

Precautions, Before & After The Surgery

Before the surgery

  • We restrict any sort of food 4 hours before surgery (lunch, water, gum, candy, coffee, etc)
  • Please tell us about your special medications to our directors before the surgery.
  • Cigarette’s components can cause bleeding after surgery, so it is best to stop smoking 3 days prior to the lip augmentation or lip lifting surgery.

After the surgery

  • Some swelling and bruises might appear for 2-3 days after the lip augmentation surgery, but they disappear naturally within a few days.
  • It helps to ease down the aftermath pain if you sleep with your upper body angled at 30 degrees.
  • Please wash your face very gently after lip lifting surgery. It is better for you to avoid any saunas or baths for 2-3 weeks.
  • Drinking and smoking can badly hurt the scars that are not healed yet, and it is for the best to start again after the 4th week.