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Incision lift

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Incision Lifting?

Because of the aging, the muscle tissues called SMAS appeared, and this surgery by facelift incision removes SMAS and brings up the new tissues for a tighter face. Not simply just pulling up old skin, this facelift incision completely removes the muscle, this is one of the permanent effecting ways to achieve anti-aging.

For who?

If you want to improve forehead, facial wrinkles

If you want to get rid of the wrinkles that are hard to get rid

If you want definite and permanent effect

If your cheeks and chin have been stretched because of aging

Treatment Area Facelift incision

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Features of Incision Lift
Incision Lifting VS EZ Lifting
 Incision LiftingEZ Lifting
Surgical areasDeep wrinkles, forehead, eyebrows, Nasolabial folds, neck, etcForehead, neck, lazy cheeks, etc
Anesthesia methodsLocal/sleeping anesthesiaLocal/sleeping anesthesia
Lasting timePermanentSemi-permanent
Healing time1-2 weeksnone
Pros of Incision Lifting

It is permanent since the muscle tissue is removed.

Helps the face itself a lot by making it tight

You look younger without wrinkles

You’ll see tight V lines without shaving the chin.

Precautions, Before & After The Facelift incision Surgery

Before the surgery

  • We restrict any sort of food 4 hours before surgery (lunch ,water, gum, candy, coffee, etc)
  • Please tell us about your special medications to our directors before the surgery.
  • It is recommended to stop smoking three days prior to the surgery due to the high chance of unconventional bleeding.
  • On the day of the surgery, wear comfortable clothes, with a hat, a mask, and a pair of sunglasses.
  • It is hard to drive with the surgery done for the day so it is wise to bring a partner or to use the public transportation.

After the surgery

  • After the Facelift incision surgery, big facial expressions can be the reason for the surgery to become unsuccessful, so it is better to be careful for a month.
  • Plenty of rest and vitamin C supplement can revitalize your collagen and help you heal faster.
  • Up to the 3rd day after the surgery, it is best to ice the swelled area, and after the 3rd day it is better to rest warmly.
  • For about a month, it is better to lie down straightly, without turning to the sides. Also, it helps to ease down the aftermath pain if you sleep with your upper body angled at 30 degrees.
  • Drinking and smoking can badly hurt the scars that are not healed yet, and it is for the best to start again after the 4th week of Facelift incision.