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Hair Transplant

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Hair Implant?

We implant your own hair to yourself. The hairless part will reactivate as they find the purpose of the nutrients for Hair Transplant in Korea. The Korean Cosmetic Surgery is innovation more products for hair transplants in Korea as more patients this days are concerned with hair.

For who?

Men's hair loss (circular, genetic, balding)

Women’s hair loss (pregnancy, circular,genetic, alopecia seborrheica)

If you want to do something about your big forehead or the hairline

Scarred balding

Symptoms of hair loss
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Hair is stacked when I wake up in the morning

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The hair gets very soft and this

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Getting lots of dandruff

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Body's hair is getting thicker

* If hair loss is found at an earlier stage it is very easy to cure it so the early checkup is important in South Korean Cosmetic Surgery.

Types of Hair Loss
Male Pattern/Androgenetic alopecia?

Men’s hair loss is caused by the genetics and the Androgen, which is a man’s hormone. It is one of the most common hair loss disease. The hair loss will start from the front hair through the top of the hair, and the hair will get thinner. Earlier stage, hair loss sets up a boundary with the scalp, making the M-shape. Men’s hair loss can also be caused by severe stress and the lack of confidence in the real world. It can seriously cause some problems in the social life so it is best to cure it early.

Female Pattern Alopecia?

Women typically thins their hair in the center line and gets less hair, but the hairline is comparably well kept so it is a lot less severe than men. Female hair loss takes a lot from the genetics. It is mostly curable, but sometimes, it can so permanent hair loss and Korea Hair Transplant has the solution.

How to Surgery
01. Scalp design for Hair Transplantation in Korea

Designing implant by sketching the amount of hair the person needs. The hair will be from the back of his/her head.

02. Harvest scalp

It minimizes the scar part, when it tries to harvest it.

03. Hair follicle separation

After separation, separate the blocks.

04. Hair follicle preservation

Collect each hair follicle to maximize the surviving capability of each.

05. Prepare the planter

Put the hair follicles into the planter, and insert the hair follicle into a bald spot.

06. Hair follicle transplant and design

To adjust the direction, angle and density of hair during implantation design parts this increase the survival of hair follicle.

07. Implant and finish

Take a step by step and finish the hair transplantation in Korea .

After the lapse of a hair transplant procedure
1~3 days
  • Might feel a little bit of disturbance due to pulling symptoms or swelling but it does not affect everyday activity.
  • Swelling and pain depend on the individual patient.
5 ~10 days
  • It might be a little itchy as the scar slowly disappears on the scalp.
  • Even if there is scab, do not forcefully remove it.
  • When you wash your hair, wash the rest normally but only put foam on the treated area and rinse it off.
14 days
  • We remove the string on the back of the head.
  • The pulling feeling will get better from the removal of stitches and you will feel much better.
  • At this time, the implanted hair will fall off.
1~3 months
  • About 80 percent of the implanted hair will fall off, but it is very natural.
  • After it falls off, it grows back so you do not have to worry.
1 year

The hair that grew from the hair transplantation in Korea  will grow like the normal hair, and after about a year, they will start to look good.

Precautions, Before & After The Surgery

Before the South Korean Cosmetic Surgery

  • We restrict any sort of food 4 hours before surgery (lunch, water, gum, candy, coffee, etc)
  • Hair dying can be done 1 week prior, and don’t cut your hair too short.
  • If you have any prescribed medicines, be sure to tell your doctor about them beforehand.
  • On the day of surgery, wear comfortable clothes, not too tight
  • After the surgery, driving by yourself is very difficult so have a partner with you or use the public transportation.


After the South Korean Cosmetic Surgery

  • Be sure to take a good rest for at least a full day.
  • Be sure to use the medicine that is prescribed from the hospital, and it helps to ease down the aftermath pain if you sleep with your upper body angled at 30 degrees.
  • You can use shampoo after 2-3 days after surgery but don’t press on it too hard. Also, you cannot force the scab that appears after 7-10 days to fall off, wait for it to come off eventually.
  • Drinking and smoking can badly hurt the scars that are not healed yet, and it is for the best to start again after the 4th week.