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This is a welcome message from Affordable Plastic Surgery Clinics.
It is where Patients’ meets excellence under all circumstances.

Humanity & Empathy Are The Founding Principals Of Affordable Plastic surgery Clinics.


I am Jung Kyung in, specialist of Facial Contouring, Eye Surgery, Facial lifting & Breast Surgery.

Greetings to you all!

Talking about being in the profession of plastic surgery, I have seen fierce completion both among the hospitals to reach the top & patients to look their best. And while competing one for the other, many lose integrity, professionalism & authenticity. Well I am not at all saying it’s for every single of them, but it is important to evaluate a surgeon & clinic before opting for going under the knife.

Patients’ first and foremost concern should be their safety, look out for an experienced & board certified surgeon rather than going only with the brand name & the poshness of the clinic. These are the secondary concerns. Getting both is definitely a treasure.

Having said that, Affordable Plastic Surgery Clinic, which was founded in 2012 brings you the full package with experienced surgeons, well trained nurses, in-house coordinators who cater to both local & international patients with equal care.

Plastic Surgery Clinic will continue to provide friendly medical services satisfying the expectations of all patients’ coming from all occupations regardless of their ethnicity & cultural background.


Thank you.


Plastic Surgeon  Dr.Jung Kyung in