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Male Nose Surgery?

Male Nose Surgery Korea has basic differences compared to the women’s. Men’s surgery should be focused more on the image development more than the beauty of it. The eyes must be scarless even when it’s closed, and they must have a manly look. Synergy natural men’s eye surgery must maintain the charisma of a man but improve the impression of the facial image into more appealing look through male nose plastic surgery.

For who?

If you have a short nose bridge and your face looks dull

If the nose tip is dull or low

If the middle part of the nose bridge is erect and the side lines are not so great

If the nose top is bent over to the bottom

Male Nose Surgery Before And After Photos

Male Nose Surgery Korea Point

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The center of the face, nose,

Manly and sophisticated
image depends on the nose.

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Men have wider line from the eyebrow to the top of the nose so they prefer the straight line style with high starting point of nose and high area between the brows or smooth round line style.

Golden ratio of men's nose: Angle between forehead and
nose, 146 degrees, angle between nose and lips, 98.2 degrees

Men, have a lot thicker skin compared to women.
A man’s charisma starts with a sharp looking nose with male nose plastic surgery.

Various Male Nose Surgery Korea

Low nose

Surgical method

For a lifting service for a low nose uses various artificial materials to make it more natural. The lifting is very important, but finding the balance between the face is the most important part of male nose plastic surgery.

Beak nose

Surgical method

Beak nose stands for the ones with erect nose bridge but low floor facing noses. Beak nose can make you look rough, and this is the surgery to redo the lines to make the sharp and soft facial impression.

Bent nose

Surgical method of male nose plastic surgery

Bent nose brings an unnatural look to the people, and it is the priority to make it the most natural way possible.

Short nose

Surgical method

The reason you might have a short nose is because your nose bone or the cartilage is short, and if the skin that is covering your nose is not enough, or if the nostrils are very well exposed and the overall look can be goofy. An image improvement is a necessary step for the short, goofy nose.

Arrow nose

Surgical method

The arrow nosed face tent to have the longer looking noses, while looking like the shape of an arrow so be the name. The arrow nose can look like a beak nose. The men’s arrow nose surgery both lifts up the cartilage as well as the tip of the nose.

Dull nose

Surgical method of male nose plastic surgery

This is called for the dull, showy nostrils, and the dull nose surgery gets the 2 birds in one stone, while lifting short noses can also bring the three dimensional look. It will make you look more masculine and modern.

Nose re-surgery

Surgical method

We do offer re-surgeries if the nose bridge is too low of a placement or the skin got thinner and has a reddening side effect, and it is recommended to be done by an expert, here is precaution of the Nose Surgery Before And After is listed:

Precautions before the surgery
  • For sleep anesthesia, you shouldn't eat or drink for 6 hours before surgery. Candies, gum, water, and coffee, etc are not allowed either. Before fasting for your surgery, have something that is easily digested, and is not spicy or strong-tasting.
  • Don’t take anything that would interrupt hemostasis (Hormone, Vitamin E, Aspirin, etc.) 2 weeks before the surgery. If you take any painkillers or oriental medicine, it might affect the anesthesia or the surgery itself so please don’t.
  • You have to let your doctor know of all the medication(s) that you are taking, types of allergies that you have, medical history/illness that you have, and any symptom/illness that you are being treated for at the moment.
  • Starting 2 weeks before the surgery, you should not drink or smoke to manage your condition.
  • The day before surgery, have plenty of sleep.
  • Please do not wear any accessories or make-up, and wear comfortable clothes such as shirt with buttons. Remove contact lenses, and do not wear manicure or pedicure. Please bring mask, scarf, hat, and/or sunglasses.
  • Have a partner to drive or use public transportation.
Precautions after the surgery
  • The swelling is not as bad right after the surgery, but 2-3 days after is the worst and it starts to come down after that. If the swelling is big it should disappear within a week.
  • You can bleed until the second day after surgery, and it’s okay to just wipe it off gently. Please don’t touch or blow your nose. Don’t lie down completely when you’re sleeping and it is effective to take 2-3 pillows when you sleep for the cease of swelling.
  • Please don’t remove any band-aid or the cotton that is in inserted within the nose without permission from the doctors. Don’t remove any of the scabs appearing in the area and don’t touch the surgery performed areas.
  • It is good to ice-massage for the 7 days after surgery, and warm massages are good after that to reduce the swelling.
  • We remove the stings after around 7 days, and face washing or makeups are available after the removal.
  • It is okay to have any meals after surgery, but try not to eat anything that’s spicy or stimulating.
  • Glasses or sunglasses are to be used 1 month after surgery.
  • You cannot drink or smoke for the next month and cannot go to any sauna.
  • Only use painkillers or antibiotics prescribed from the hospital. If you need extra painkillers, Tylenol is okay, but any sort of aspirin is not since it can cause bleeding.