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Lower Eyelid Lipid Surgery

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Lower Eyelid Lipid Surgery?

As you grow older, the lipid blocking wall gets lazier and the under eye muscle and lipid tissues get thinner and the eyelids slowly sag down, and this makes you look older for Lower Eyelid. Depending on yourself, you can either do the removal or repositioning of lipid surgery.

For who?

If the dark circles are severe in lower eyelid or upper

If the dark circles are severe

If you look sleepy and older because of the under eyes.

Before & After - Forming the eye (ptosis correction, lower eyelid, lipid surgery)

Small eyes drooping eyelids, wide forehead
Ptosis correction (lower eyelid)
Cool, crisp eyes
Ptosis correction, lower eyelids

Surgery Procedure

Lipid removal

We get rid of the unneeded lipid if the eyes are stuck out

E-5-1 lipid removal image 1
E-5-1 lipid removal image 2

Check the lipid

Open conjunctiva

Remove unneeded lipid

Get rid of the leftover

Skin fixation and stiching

Lipid positioning

If you look like an old person because of the saggy fat, this flattens it then lipid surgery is needed.

E-5-1 lipid repositioning image 1
E-5-1 lipid repositioning image 2

Check the dark area and design

Incise the conjunctiva

Softly touch the lipid and fix the fat with a string

Stitch after fixing the skin

Bright and flat eyes complete

Why Synergy’s Lower Eyelid Lipid Surgery?

  • It is the personalized design that is designed by the director and you.
  • It is a short surgery of 30 minutes so it is fast to heal from it.
  • Synergy’s surgery not only removes the unneeded lipid but also tightens the skin, giving the younger look